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Monday, August 09, 2010

An Eternal Bestow

An Eternal Bestow
Oh! My beloved!

Give me your thoughts

Let me breathe my mind into it,

Shaping them to worthy words.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your voice

Let me breathe my song into it,

Blending music to your silent world.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your heartbeats,

Let me breathe my breath into it,

Adding rhythm to your life’s symphony

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your mind,

Let me breathe my life into it,

Holding it like a feeding infant.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your tears,

Let me breathe my soothing smile into it,

Never to let you shed a drop.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your dreams,

Let me breathe my thoughts into it,

Churning it as real as this moment

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your body,

Let me breathe my soul into it,

Gleaming it with my worship.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me you, as yourself

For the beloved almighty

Gave love…to love you

As you….


പട്ടേപ്പാടം റാംജി said...

നല്ല വരികളും മനോഹര ചിത്രങ്ങളും.

A said...

Very nice poem.

A said...

Quality (and not quantity) is your goal->that is really good.

cristina said...

So beautiful poem!
Congrats, dear friend


ബിലാത്തിപട്ടണം / BILATTHIPATTANAM. said...

"Oh! My beloved!

Give me you, as yourself

For the beloved almighty

Gave love…to love you

As you…. "

very nice lines...

william said...

welcome back :)

Rachna said...

lovely poem!

Latha Nair said...

what a way to serenade before the love of your life!! sure to impress him/her :)
cute picture to match too!!

rohini said...

WELCOME back...few days before i was think ki No posts frm RD>..and i checked agn me happy to see a new poem frm u today...
the poem is wonderfull no doubt...may ur beloved too find the words magical....all the best

rohini said...

and hey love cute pic....too

Neha said...

RD, beautiful verses..really really liked them.. :)

Jyotsna P kadayaprath said...

Dear Reader's dais
This is the best token u can ever give to the one u love..lucky is your beloved to whose mind you breathe life into..may god bless both of you.
wishes and prayers

Jyotsna P kadayaprath said...

and adding to it I am proud that my favourite poem in the profile,from my favourite writer, the one which I always sing for my loved ones, could be a reason for this expecting a treat...:)

jayarajmurukkumpuzha said...

oh what a language, realy beautiful.........

Tara said...

wow so touching !! a love salute ..

PurpleHeart said...

"Oh! My beloved!

Give me your heart,

For they are home to mine,

The only path I see ahead -

Our life together, the end on either sides."

Just felt like contributing to that beautiful piece of writing.
Where have you been, Unni?

Marja said...

wow this is so intensely touching. You are a beautiful soul reader dais
Hope all is fine

Readers Dais said...

My dear friends,
Each and everyone who have spared their valuable time to pen a few words after reading my post have really shown me that you all are my true friends as you come here not to just recieve my comment back for your post but you do like my blog, im sorry as for long ive not been able to come to your blogs but u may mark my word that ive identified you people who are the true inspiring factor for me as I am someone who happened to be a blogger just for timepass, ur inspiration have made me realise how well people can bring about changes in ones life, cos this blog and posts of mine is something that ive never even imagined, so all of you above do stand high above in my heart and no words of grtitude or thanks for you, as its love and only love that i share for you....

Rebecca said...

Sweet sentiments

Joy Palakkal said...

Beautiful...and Thrilling!!
With a Great insight ..
Like the poetry ..
With All Best Wishes!!!

jyo said...


best wishes

Raveena Raveendran said...



rohini said...

we come for the beautiful we all like them in the real world...we like waching and reading in a way we come to inspire....we all selfish ones but...:)

Anya said...

Well i can read here your comment

I'm happy to read you are OK :)))