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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Joker

Cheers from the crowd,
Never made him proud
For music in minds chord
Played tunes that drowned.

Dancing to the rhythm of claps,
Soul standing all pain slaps.
Trying to rein tears that gallop,
Waiting to shower on a safe lap.

The painted smile seemed matching,
Eclipsing his hearts aching,
While the world stood watching,
The show with joy-hatching.

Playing the joker's part,
Need of life in all heart
For a smooth ride in life’s cart
Taking turns in path with art.

The joker's we are,
In past & in future.
The smile spreading pleasure,
Around the ring to treasure.

Let the world smile,
At the joker's style,
For he knew his miles,
So far,
Never reaching those miles…

Monday, November 02, 2009

A Birthday Gift for Her

Yes! This would definitely be one of the best gifts she has received on her birthday, when someone far away, whom she never knew, whom she have never seen, from far across the seas, when she was appreciated, that too on her birthday. She would have felt proud, great, the greatness of mankind, where irrespective of region or religion they always had a good word for the good.

As a part of my job, here in the desert I do have to go for long drives, mostly driving alone, along the long roads with just music and me and my thoughts, taking me to different dream worlds, together with the songs, and I do enjoy them too...a lot.
But yesterday was a different day, totally messed up,... there I was in the middle of the road, my car battery all down, leaving me in utter chaos with only the bright hot sun and the speeding vehicles around me to help. At any cost I had to keep up my appointment which was not far away from my present position, so calling the emergency number and waiting was not a solution, somehow I had to push it to the side and keep going, either a cab or a lift was the only solution. Waiting there,i stood waving to all cars, trucks, trailers…hoping for a lift. When a blue car came to a halt beside me, I thanked all gods and definitely the Arab too for relieving me from the hot sun. I don’t speak much Arabic nor does he speak English, but the situation itself would have explained and so there I was in the next moment, wiping off the sweat from my forehead stepping into his cool cozy car. I felt instantly relaxed, and as the car moved along… the music which he was playing gave me a surprise….and he was enjoying…really enjoying....

'Hindi'…… he asked [ for Indians they say Hindi]
'Yes'… I said
'Kerala'….. his next question came
'Yes'…..i replied
'Miya…Miya'….[means perfect in Arabic ]
He replied and back he was with the song enjoying it wholeheartedly, smiling while driving.

Did he understand the lyrics, I wondered …anyway he was all immersed in the music and I was enjoying him enjoying the song. [Swargathekkal sundaramaani swapnam vidarum gramam….. {Which means..My land where dreams bloom is much more beautiful than heaven} that was the song he was enjoying and that brought our conversation to my little Kerala, and how he spoke about her,keralas beauty ,its culture, the music all that he enjoyed about kerala,but have never been to kerala but still liked the place and had lots to ask me and tell me about kerala.
After reaching my place, while thanking him for the lift and for his admiration for my land, I felt really nice…when someone who have never seen my land ,still loves that place, and that too on the day of her 53rd birthday,yes it was kerala piravi, what more can she expect other than this appreciation… admiration…Love and the good words from someone far across…whom she never knew but who admired her for her beauty…a perfect gift for her…....Miya......Miya...