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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Melted shadow

Strolling on the meadow,
Searching for your shadow,
Darkness spreads to swallow,
Piercing pain that follow.

A darkened cloud spreads,
Hiding the lighted thread,
Shadows weep as they shred,
Without a ray, it’s their death.

Shadows die in darkness,
Leaving us in blindness,
Heartbeats fading to numbness,
A light, never to reach us.

Moments of lonely Despair,
Vanishes blindly to thin air,
Dreaded Distance disappears,
Dear, if your shadow appears.

A rising face, lighting the soul,
The lighted soul filling whole,
Lighting life for shadows to roll,
Shadows now, life’s only goal.

In that moment’s moment,
While our hearts were silent,
A gushing spark within, I felt
It’s your shadow...
with my heartbeats present.

A silent breeze melted me to her shadow,
Knotted soul, we are on the meadow,
Twining to unite, in blanketed moonlight,
Flooding delight in this lovely night…

Monday, August 09, 2010

An Eternal Bestow

An Eternal Bestow
Oh! My beloved!

Give me your thoughts

Let me breathe my mind into it,

Shaping them to worthy words.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your voice

Let me breathe my song into it,

Blending music to your silent world.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your heartbeats,

Let me breathe my breath into it,

Adding rhythm to your life’s symphony

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your mind,

Let me breathe my life into it,

Holding it like a feeding infant.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your tears,

Let me breathe my soothing smile into it,

Never to let you shed a drop.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your dreams,

Let me breathe my thoughts into it,

Churning it as real as this moment

Oh! My beloved!

Give me your body,

Let me breathe my soul into it,

Gleaming it with my worship.

Oh! My beloved!

Give me you, as yourself

For the beloved almighty

Gave love…to love you

As you….