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Monday, November 02, 2009

A Birthday Gift for Her

Yes! This would definitely be one of the best gifts she has received on her birthday, when someone far away, whom she never knew, whom she have never seen, from far across the seas, when she was appreciated, that too on her birthday. She would have felt proud, great, the greatness of mankind, where irrespective of region or religion they always had a good word for the good.

As a part of my job, here in the desert I do have to go for long drives, mostly driving alone, along the long roads with just music and me and my thoughts, taking me to different dream worlds, together with the songs, and I do enjoy them too...a lot.
But yesterday was a different day, totally messed up,... there I was in the middle of the road, my car battery all down, leaving me in utter chaos with only the bright hot sun and the speeding vehicles around me to help. At any cost I had to keep up my appointment which was not far away from my present position, so calling the emergency number and waiting was not a solution, somehow I had to push it to the side and keep going, either a cab or a lift was the only solution. Waiting there,i stood waving to all cars, trucks, trailers…hoping for a lift. When a blue car came to a halt beside me, I thanked all gods and definitely the Arab too for relieving me from the hot sun. I don’t speak much Arabic nor does he speak English, but the situation itself would have explained and so there I was in the next moment, wiping off the sweat from my forehead stepping into his cool cozy car. I felt instantly relaxed, and as the car moved along… the music which he was playing gave me a surprise….and he was enjoying…really enjoying....

'Hindi'…… he asked [ for Indians they say Hindi]
'Yes'… I said
'Kerala'….. his next question came
'Yes'…..i replied
'Miya…Miya'….[means perfect in Arabic ]
He replied and back he was with the song enjoying it wholeheartedly, smiling while driving.

Did he understand the lyrics, I wondered …anyway he was all immersed in the music and I was enjoying him enjoying the song. [Swargathekkal sundaramaani swapnam vidarum gramam….. {Which means..My land where dreams bloom is much more beautiful than heaven} that was the song he was enjoying and that brought our conversation to my little Kerala, and how he spoke about her,keralas beauty ,its culture, the music all that he enjoyed about kerala,but have never been to kerala but still liked the place and had lots to ask me and tell me about kerala.
After reaching my place, while thanking him for the lift and for his admiration for my land, I felt really nice…when someone who have never seen my land ,still loves that place, and that too on the day of her 53rd birthday,yes it was kerala piravi, what more can she expect other than this appreciation… admiration…Love and the good words from someone far across…whom she never knew but who admired her for her beauty…a perfect gift for her…....Miya......Miya...


Anya said...

Its almost a LOVE story :)))))
Is it a real story
or is it fantasie !!!
Tell us ......

(I have never received a car for my birthday .... ;)

anupama said...

Dear Unni,
Good Morning!
Oh,Anya misunderstood the whole thing as you gave the photo of the blue car!
On the birthday of Kerala,this is some unbelievable n remarkable gift she could ask for!really cool!
An Arab enjoying Malayalam song,expressing his love for the country and being so kind to you.!how thrilled you would have been!If I were in your place I would have been describing the natural beauty of our land and the meaning of the whole song may be giving him a chance to curse me for giving a lift.:)
wherever you are do strongly believe Unni,goodness still remains in this world.It inspires us to be good to others.:)
a beautiful post from you!I liked it very much!
wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

Being Pramoda... said...


lovelyy post...

i liked the way u expressed the whole thing with an ease...!!!

hha..apart frm b'day, i think its a grt gift to the nation..:)

thats what i thought after reading urs..:)

Thanks for this..

PurpleHeart said...

Wow!! Yea, nothing like being lauded for the beaty of you own land by a stranger in a land, not our own. Everything has a story, just like your car breaking down or you wouldn't have had a reason beautiful enough to celebrate on the blog. :) Hope your car was taken care of. :)

തൃശൂര്‍കാരന്‍..... said...

"My land where dreams bloom is much more beautiful than heaven"i liked it very much...

താരകൻ said...

on her 53rd birthday...ha..ha..that was too nice.

deeps said...

me first time here, KP sir
told about you ...
thats miya miya haha .. thanks for that word ..

nihow, his admiration would remain so only as long as he doesnt want to settle down back here i guess ... our land is not any more as that song suggestions right?

however, it s good to see poeple like that in forign countries ...
nice day

Akshay said...

It's almost like a love story. On the birthday of Kerala, this is something unbelievable and indeed it is a wonderful gift she could receive. Awesome. I was touched by the sight of an Arabic enjoying Malayalam songs expressing his love for the country and being so kind to you.

Readers Dais said...

@ Dear Anya,
Yeah! Its definitely a love story, the love towards ones land,
Your attempt is really appreciated dear freind

@ Dear Anu,
That was a great comment from you, maybe it would have been better if you were in my place as the arab could have been given more detail about our land, :0
Anyway its nice to know & experience good people around the world, like you…

@ Dear! Pramoda,
Yes, that’s definitely a gift for our nation & the trust & love sowed by Indians in the minds of arabs which is now reaped by people like me… :)

@ Dear Purple Heart,
The stories behind all posts are definitely interesting ,but such stories do add a flavour of pride to our mind, doesn’t it, thanks for your concern friend, yes my car was taken care of but put me in parking slot for a week.

@ Dear Thrissurkaraa,
Thanks for your visit,& the comment
Happy to know you liked those lines, just translation yaar, thanks to the lyricist

@ Dear Tharakaaa,
Welcome to my blog
Nice to know that my post brought a smie to your face… Thanks :)

@ Dear Deep,
Welcome to my blog,thanks for your wonderful comment,
Whatever the current status of our land is, they judge it by the past, the way our people have been mingling with them, so this love towards our land, anyway as always even our people change for the good when they are away na, so that’s what have helped me,
Thanks for your visit.

@ Dear Akshay,
Welcome to readers dais,
Friend, India’s relation with the arab’s have started long back even when there was dynasty rule in India, its heard that even our currency was widely used there, and long before all this oil resources where discovered, the nizams used to help Arabs, so their love relation dates long back, and now when a lot of people work for them this relation has reinforced, thus this gift :)

Shimmer said...

very nice :D
thats a real apreciation, and a very unusual event too :)

Readers Dais said...

Hello Shimmer!

Warm welcome to my blog,thanks for your comment,Yes that was an unusual event,me too was surpeised & defenitely happy for our nation and our people who have created this love & trust in their mind :)

Sorcerer said...

this is beautiful dude..

Ellen said...

Hi RD,

My first in your blog. This is interesting -- love of country. In contrast to hearing this idea from others that 'the grass is greener on the other side of the fence'- thus the countless migration to other countries. Of course people will have their own respective reasons. It's a difficult balance to keep.

I like the writing. Thanks for this pleasure. :-) And.. by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. :-)

Autumn said...

ooooh wow!!
As Anya said.. it's almost a love story. In fact, it is one!! Love for your land!!
So beautiful. I can understand your feeling the moment you got into the car... and it is so well expressed here...