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Monday, September 28, 2009

Saraswathi & Shakespeare

In the world of heaven
Where lords & men are even
Asked the bard of avon
To the goddess of words

Oh! Thy goddess of knowledge
Who offers blessings as a pledge .
Was I bestowed them till date ?
But could create tales, as fate.

Oh! Thou lord of bard, you were blessed,
For the worship u had for your deed .
Blessed are all in this world,

For the worship they give to their deeds.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Desert …….. Flowers

Struggling to stand
For the sand so sober
Stood the plant
Lone in the desert

Heated by incidents
Of lone pain dents
causing roots to thicken
To survive all stunts

Stood the plant drooping
Searching for some soothing
A soft soothe of a drop
The slop drop of Love

Seasons change
Reasons change
Wait alone stays
For a drop in range

Quenching for a drop
Searched the plant – a drench
For a feel of moist
To its roots the most

Ends the long wait to rain
That no heat can drain..

A cool breeze to sway
Clouds gather to stay
The best drop to say
Taste my love your way

A drop on the leaf
Healing the heat of grief
The love drop of care
Pouring deep root to share
Blooming the plant
Grooming bud glands

The desert has showered
The plant has towered
The bud has flowered
A life is honoured

Filled with a grace
Swaying a dance
In tune with breeze
In rhythm to humming bees

Drizzle drops that pour
Soaking love to core
Sizzling care that gore
The plant, to every pore

A bless of life
Like hands that hold
A place with peace
Replanted to a nest.....