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Sunday, December 06, 2009


Inspired by a report about Ajmal amir kasab, the prisoner of 26/11 Mumbai attacks, on how he cried during the trial of the 10 yr old little girl[ Devika Rotawan ], who was the youngest eyewitness identifying kasab as the person who fired at her making her handicapped for the rest of her life.

The Nation dreads
Dead violence breed’s
Thick blood spreads
Her dream shreds.

Reminiscing In horror
The night of terror
Stood she in the square
Pointing at the prisoner

The court was silent
Her voice was strident
On how he was violent
The pain - so vibrant

The little girl’s accusation
Gave ‘kasab’ suffocation
Deep in minds jurisdiction
He had no justification

His hands that triggered
Lost hold & shivered
His eyes that aimed
Knew, they were blamed
His mind that was blind
Knew, what means kind

The little girl’s fear
Drummed loud in his ears
Filling eyes with tears
The human within- appears.

The tears of the terrorist
Melting the deadly frost
Piercing guilt to his spirits
Creating a repenting crust

Let the tears flow
Keeping all guns low
Spreading peace that follow
Letting our little world glow