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Thursday, March 18, 2010


In eyes I see….
Mystifying depths of sea,
Hiding minds pain that boil,
Like un treasured sea soil.

In eyes I see…
Shining stars of sky,
Sparkling love longing to fly,
Like night wait, to see them high.

In eyes I see…
Graceful buds that bow,
Blushing red that flow,
Like girl’s first kiss that glow.

In eyes I see…
Erupting lava that linger,
The spreading heat of anger,
Like a wild lions hunger.

In eyes I see…
Rising forest fires,
The lovely lust as flames,
Like embraced dance of snakes,

In eyes I see…
Darkened clouds floating,
The mourning moments waiting
Like a deserts dream on raining.

In eyes I see…
So silent & calm- a lake,
Taking pains, on others sake,
Like an ocean receiving brooks.

In eyes I see…
The world in you,
My world is you,
& You
Your EYES….