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Friday, May 07, 2010

Oh! Dear...Come Near........

As I see my sun setting,

Darkened soul of mine fretting,

Oh!My Mother dear, come as a moon,

Light my sky, with your glow, as my boon.

As I see the crowd disappear,

Lone I stand with deserted fear,

Oh!My Mother dear, come as a rain,

Flood my mind, with your love, drowning pain,

As I see my heart bleeding,

Breathless I stand all shivering,

Oh!My Mother dear, come as a breeze,

Wrap my heart, with care, letting my pain to freeze.

As I see my sigh unheard,

Lost I stand away from the herd,

Oh!My Mother dear, come as a song,

Tune my ears, to lullabies that I long.

As I see my tears rolling,

Blind I walk with fear of falling,

Oh!My Mother dear, come as a smile,

Wipe my tears, with warm kisses for a while.

As I see my dreams shatter,

Tired I lay with a mind so clutter,

Oh!My Mother dear, come as a shelter,

let me  nap,on your lap, feeling your soft stroking fingers

As I see my desert blooming,

Delighted I dance with a heart that’s booming,

Oh! My Mother dear, come as the rhythm,

Embraced... Lets sway, listening to our hearts rhythm.

As I see my life stream flowing,

Brave I swim, with a mind never failing,

For I know mother dear, that you are near,

So near..., everywhere….forever……..