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Sunday, December 06, 2009


Inspired by a report about Ajmal amir kasab, the prisoner of 26/11 Mumbai attacks, on how he cried during the trial of the 10 yr old little girl[ Devika Rotawan ], who was the youngest eyewitness identifying kasab as the person who fired at her making her handicapped for the rest of her life.

The Nation dreads
Dead violence breed’s
Thick blood spreads
Her dream shreds.

Reminiscing In horror
The night of terror
Stood she in the square
Pointing at the prisoner

The court was silent
Her voice was strident
On how he was violent
The pain - so vibrant

The little girl’s accusation
Gave ‘kasab’ suffocation
Deep in minds jurisdiction
He had no justification

His hands that triggered
Lost hold & shivered
His eyes that aimed
Knew, they were blamed
His mind that was blind
Knew, what means kind

The little girl’s fear
Drummed loud in his ears
Filling eyes with tears
The human within- appears.

The tears of the terrorist
Melting the deadly frost
Piercing guilt to his spirits
Creating a repenting crust

Let the tears flow
Keeping all guns low
Spreading peace that follow
Letting our little world glow



anupama said...

Dear Unni,
Good Morning!
I felt really nice reading your wonderful poem on PEACE!so rhyming the words are!Amazing!
Today,6th December,the right date you've chosen to publish the post!
but in HYDERABAD,48 hour bandh is declared.fear n confusion rule the minds now.this is OUR INDIA.
so,we can't go out sight seeing or shopping.
Iam relaxing,browsing through blogs,replying to the comments n having a sound sleep in this winter!:)
Unni,you are really talented n I love the message you give to the world through your posts!
let us hope for a peaceful 2010.
wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

Anya said...

Thanks for this fantastic poem!!!
A amazing message
for the whole world ^___^

Anya said...

Those funny little poems are written in DUTCH :-)
I think you cannot read that !!

Have a nice evening :-)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey RD..

thats a touching one..realyy..

what i can say more? u said every thing..

i have a point to make.. the people who have sent the person here are still hiding and lacking in guts to accept the fact..and he has been sufferring here..

as the little girl was hadicapped by him, similarly he was mentally handicapped by the persons who trained him and made his mind..


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

The poem is beautiful just as it is so painful to be reminded about 26/11.

Typist | എഴുത്തുകാരി said...

Really touching. Perhaps now he may be realising and repenting. But what use?

Sorcerer said...

wow!! this was brilliantly written
Fantastic lines

Neha said...

this was a wonderful poem RD...loved it...

താരകൻ said...

His hands that triggered
Lost hold & shivered
His eyes that aimed
Knew, they were blamed
His mind that was blind
Knew, what means kind "
very contemporary ..nice.congrats..

Chanz said...

That was really touching... I literally had tears in my eyes...

Great post...


deeps said...

this is a blast ...
passaionate ...
vociferous ...

deeps said...

thanks for your words... they sure keep me going ..

Tara said...

Touching lines indeed ! Good work..

Daisy Blue said...

Nice one.. I remember everybody gluing to the TV screen..& for once it made a difference it was not a day & night cricket match !

the man to walk with said...

good post

deeps said...

still the shot echooos!!!

Readers Dais said...

@ Dear Anu,
Your comment is really encouraging and leaves me honoured by those kind words, just a humble approach by me on the incident where the message of peace was already conveyed through kasabs tears, yet those tears that flowed to my heart too needed to be vented out right? Thus this attempt and as u said, let’s Hope for a Peaceful 2010 :)

@ Hi! Anya,
I always wonder how fast your comments reach a blog and leave a stamp of your energy there, that’s really amazing…
And about learning Dutch, Its not ‘Greek’ right? Ha! Ha!, so don’t mind giving it a try, if you are willing to teach.LOLZ :)

@ Hi! Pramoda,
Hey! That was a real valid point that you mentioned, especially while considering Kasab’s age, that point can never be ignored, thanks for sharing and appreciate your skill to focus on the incident in a wider manner. Peace to all LOL :)

@ Hi! Swapna!
Welcome to Readers dais, thanks for your visit and valuable comment, they inspire, as it’s from someone who is a wide reader.

Hey! Your comment rhymes… :)

@ Hi! Typist,
Welcome to Readers dais, Truly said, but its always better than people who don’t even realise their mistakes right? Thanks for your visit & comment in this blog, ur comments are valued. :)
@ Hi! Sorcerer,
Welcome here my friend, Thanks for your visit and encouraging comment.:)

@ Hi! Neha,
Thanks for reading and nice to know that you loved it. :)
@ Hi! Tharaka,
Thanks for your wishes, those lines are my favourite too, happy to know you liked it, it’s an inspiration… Thanks… :)

@ Hi! Chanz,
Welcome to Readersdais, hey! Kasab’s tears made me write this, So let no more tears flow for we need peace right?
Thanks for ur comment & following RD . :)

@ Hi! Deep,
Aha! So u r back with your bag of words, thanks friend, for your comment, b back. :)

@ Hi! Tara,
Welcome to Readersdais, Ur presence is really appreciated, waiting to read your script.
Thanks for ur comment & for following RD. :)

@ Hi! Daisy Blue,
Welcome to Readersdais, aha! That was a nice one, at least for once we could see people glued to the monitor for a good cause right?
Thanks for your comment here and for following RD. :)

@ Hi! The Man to walk with,
Welcome to Readersdais, don’t mind walking with you if your name was a little short :)
Thanks for your visit and comment, its an encouragement.

ramanika said...

Let the tears flow
Keeping all guns low
Spreading peace that follow
Letting our little world glow

Well said, very well said indeed!

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Ramanika,

Thanks for your visit & comment :)

Anya said...

Dutch lesson 1

een - one
twee - two
drie - three
vier - for
vijf - five
zes - six
zeven - seven
acht - eight
negen - nine
tien - ten

for your nice comments always :-)

voor je leuke commentaartjes altijd

Have a great day ...
Fijne dag ...

Anya :-)

ശ്രീ said...

Good one

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Peace !! India Really needs Peace but i fail to understand why Others Take disadvantage of our Courtesy.Wonderful Words !! As an Indian i am Proud to Read.

pattepadamramji said...

ചേരയെ തിന്നുന്ന നാട്ടില്‍ ചെന്നാല്‍ നടുകഷ്ണം തന്നെ തിന്നണമെന്നറിയാം. പക്ഷെ ഏച്ചുകെട്ടിയാല്‍ മുഴച്ചിരിക്കും എന്നതിനാല്‍ സാഹസത്തിന്‌ മുതിരുന്നില്ല. മനസിലാക്കിയതു വെച്ച് നല്ല വരികളോടുകൂടിയ ഭംഗിയുള്ള കവിതയായി തോന്നി.

Anya said...

Have a very wonderful healthy and happy 2010 :-)


Sorcerer said...

Happy New Year!!!

have a fantastic New year

PurpleHeart said...

Dear Unni, it's so touching to find posts from you that are most of the time, painful slices of real life ! You definitely need to publish a book on your poetries. I love your work ! Keep it up.

Jyotsna P kadayaprath said...

dear readers dais

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
that word is love ..
and love brings peace
let people learn to love so that they shot compassion into the air rather than gunshots..
very relevent one
love and regards

anupama said...

Dear Unni,
Good Morning!
Days have passed and turned to months!
But there is no new post in your site!
A talented and brilliant writer should often write,
Expressing the thoughts in the true sense!
Under teh sun,there is no shortage for the theme,
Come out of the hide out,
And today is the best day,
As you are enjoying the holiday!:)
Waiting to see your update,
By the twilight of the day,
You have vast and rich experiences,
After a long holiday!:)
Wishing you a beautiful and creative day,

Readers Dais said...

@ Anya,
Bedankt Anya, for your kind lessons and ur sweet wishes for New year, Hope u and ur family had a wonderful 2009 & wish u a wonderful 2010,
Fijne Dag....

@ Sri..
Welcome sri.. to readers dais,Thank u for ur visit & comment

@ Unseen rajasthan..
Readers dais welcomes Unsen rajasthan,i too am proud to read ur comment, inspires..peace to all

@Pattepadam ramji

Welcome ramji.. to RD, thanks for your comment and visit, no probs in eating snake ramji, check its cooked properly eh!, if it is, then it will never buldge u can defenitely go on...


Hi! dear, thanks for your newyear wishes,checked ur blog for ur email,cud not find any, anyway it was a nice gesture from ur side...happy new year dude..

@ Purple heart,

Dear purple heart, im honoured...
that was a great comment i recieved, but i believe, still ive to go a long way, with your support i defenitely hope to go further, thanks...thank u sooo much

@ Joe,

Dear joe, truly said joe, nothing in the world other than the word love can bring peace to our world and people like you are the ones who add peace with your love for the world.

@ Dear Anu,

That was a great shower of praises anu, it does inspire and as u know the exile from blogworld is giving me some hiccups for a comeback, anyway lets hope for the best, right! with u people around i believe i can.. :)

anupama said...

Dear Unni,
Good Evening!
I came with my third comment to share some latest news.
Final arguments in Kasab's case to begin on March,9th in a special court in Mumbai.The prosecution is expected to focus on countering the stand taken by him that he is not a terrorist and was being framed by police.
You know what Unni,really interesting we have a beach in Kasargod named Kasaba.The fisherfolk women fight against their men taking liqueur.
By the way,did you wish the special woman of your life,Happy Women's Day?
The Proud Woman,

Jingle said...

cool poem!
Happy Sunday!

Raveena Raveendran said...

The Gun Shot Tears ...
ഹൃദയസ്പര്‍ശിയായിരിക്കുന്നു ...

william said...

Brilliant poem friend, well said, u are very good at capturing feelings, this was amazing, and thanks for visiting me again

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Jingle..
thanks for ur visit& comment..

Hi! Raveena...

nice to know it could touch your heart... thanks

William sir,

thanks for ur inspiring words, im grateful...

Rebecca said...

Wow, very powerful. And I confess I have difficulty keeping my mind on poetry. This one captivated me. Sadly, I did not know if this little girls situation. How sad. But gladly she still has her life.

Jingle said...

one poetry award,
8 others on bottom,
enjoy some if you wish to!
Happy Tuesday!

Jingle said...

thank you for visiting...
Happy Friday!