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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

my lamp

My lamp (this was written at the age of 19, 4 yrs after my lamp left me,after this nothing till date has made a strong desire in my mind to try a hand in poetry, hope this writing space gives some inspiration)

here i am alone
sitting like a stone
with thougts of behind
swaying in my mind

a dog or a deer
a doctor or a whore
everyone everywhere
has a lamp to care

the lamp that showers
the light of motherhood
the lamp that leads
one for evey deeds

somewhere on my way
i heard someone say
that ive lost my lamp
and was ditched to a swamp

i had no light
ive lost my sight
how to fight
to make me right

without my lamp
here i am alone
sitting like a stone


readersdais said...
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anupama said...

dear unni,
i'm happy i know you by name and i can call u by your name.i love this second brother is unniyettan.i reached here to find out where you are.but your comment waited me.unni,i can feel your have expressed your pain and disturbance through your poem and unni,you have written it very well.
GOD is so kind and HE will take care of you.he will lead you to the lighted path with utmost care.
please pray whole heartedly and you will get peace of mind.
i don't like to write more in this space,but i will be available for you,through mail i.d.
any time,if you feel,you need someone with whom you can pour out all the pains,turn to me...........
keep smiling........amma wants unnikuttan to be strong.......