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Friday, March 13, 2009


This was written by me at the age of sixteen,when my first relation broke.
I do remember
a day of december
on an eve of newyear
when you won me over.

From me,
you had nothing to cover
for,i was your lover.
you new no grave
when to me you gave
all that was yours
to make them ours
all for me, to share
but only with care.

At first,
you were just,
for me, a thirst
an answer to my quest

But then
i knew when
at the pit of your heart
i had no part

you had me thrown
out from your hearts throne
you forgot my name
that too, and not for a game

this brought me pain
i pleaded in vain
for no more gain

you had it clear
i was out forever
which i could no more bear
for i love you dear
and i'l love you forever,

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