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Monday, September 28, 2009

Saraswathi & Shakespeare

In the world of heaven
Where lords & men are even
Asked the bard of avon
To the goddess of words

Oh! Thy goddess of knowledge
Who offers blessings as a pledge .
Was I bestowed them till date ?
But could create tales, as fate.

Oh! Thou lord of bard, you were blessed,
For the worship u had for your deed .
Blessed are all in this world,

For the worship they give to their deeds.


anupama said...

Dear Unni,
Happy Vijayadashami,
i'm so happy that you have written a new poem on the auspicious day of Dussehra!May Goddess Saraswathi Bless you with words n letters.
it's rightly said words are sharper than swords n they tear off the hearts into bits!
learning new meanings n enjoyed your post!
wishing a cool n lovely night,

Anya said...

Happy Vijayadashami ^__^

Thanks for the WONDERFUL poem :)
You are really talented,
I love poems !!!
Anya :)

ramanika said...


workhard said...

That is real good poem..

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Being Pramoda... said...

happy vijayadasami..:)

this is a good read n nice thought,,:)

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PurpleHeart said...

Ma Saraswati must have been delighted over Shakespeare's writings and definitely yours as well. That was a great combo. :D

Jyotsna P kadayaprath said...

so sacred an idea of duty and devotion...rightly said dear friend..

Readers Dais said...

@ Anu

Dear Anu,
Words are defenitely sharper than swords,but swords are used to destroy ,but words are not,words have the power to destroy & create too,it not only tear off hearts,but create a garden in them as u said let goddess saraswathi bless all with words n letters...

@ Anya

Dear Anya
Really nice of you for your comments,and nice to recognize my words as a poem too.... :)

@ Ramanika

Thank you for your visit & comment.

@ Workhard

Hey! you have really worked hard to read my posts one by one
That was really nice of you and thanks for the comment.



gr8 to know u liked my thoughts...

@ Bijoy
It would have been nice if u had read my post and invited,thanks for visiting,and try to read and invite your next blogger...have a nice day...

@ Purple heart,

Hey! aha, im also delighted with your comment...and the just came to my thought,thanks to Ma saraswathi and you readers...

@ Joe,

Yes Joe the idea of devotion towards duty have always been with me...and i believe thats the best way to have peace, do your deeds sincerely and u have it..
Thanks for your wishes

Jingle said...

skillfully crafted!

Jingle said...

Happy Tuesday!