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Monday, October 19, 2009

Will The Light Alight ?

The children’s heads moved slowly upwards... Eyes sticking to the sparkling sparks that sprouted from the sparklers. As he lighted the next one, the children who gathered in the garden stared at the wonder which they have never experienced so near. They were amazed by the alighting colours & light from the fireworks that seemed to spread into their otherwise shaded life. It took time for him to wade off their apprehensions, but could manage at least a few to join him, for most of them were mesmerized by the new dress gifted by him and were munching on the sweets that were never known to their taste buds. He tried to read their thoughts from their faces that shown bright and that slowly faded along with the light that spread from the fireworks, while trying to spread the light & happiness to their minds through the fireworks & gifts,atleast for these moments... Did the beauty of colours & sparking light of those moments spread the same to the children’s mind? Or, as its light faded, waiting for the next one to be lighted, did their life too demand more…or will these moments itself fill light & colours that shall stay with them for long, giving them the hope of a bright tomorrow, Or like the darkness that remained after each firework, will the darkness dip them into far more depths of depression , He couldn’t make out.., but as he walked pass the orphanage’s gate he could feel his own childhood reflecting in the tears that slowly filled his eyes….


anupama said...

Dear Unni,
I'm so happy that on DIWALI you could think of the underprivileged children n write a post for them.hearty congrats!
We enjoy sharing our happiness by sacrificing our little pleasures n time.
Unni,your post is really touching and it is an eye opener to the readres!
Thanks for the different ways of celebrating DIWALI......
Even now people are bursting crackers n making merriment...
I loved that smile,the rare smile on the faces of teh less fortunate,
And i have experienced the joy of sharing meals with the inmates of orphanage.........
wishing you a cool n peaceful night,

Being Pramoda... said...

hey..orphanage.. ?

wahhh..i couldnot make it out till i had come to ine..that was a very special dedication indeed..they are the cute little children..and they can smile as if they dont mind about any thing..that surprises me ..

and thanks to "HE" in ur post..good man..

siva // ശിവ said...

A very late deepaawali wishes.... It is a great dedication...

PurpleHeart said...

Belated but hearty Deepavali wishes. How true !! Behind every cracker we burst, there goes hidden sad-stories of children who are raised in hapless factories and not schools, who see heaps of chemicals and not crayons or even 3 meals a day !! We need Diwali to remind us more of the real significance of light - light in our hearts- to share - to curb the darkness that we refuse to see.

Anya said...

Touching post

Happy Diwali my dear friend

Have a relaxing sundag :)

ramanika said...

really moved by the post
thanks keep blogging!

Jyotsna P kadayaprath said...

reading the post I was reminded of the famous quote of Whitter,
"our lives are albums written through
with good or ill,with false or true.
And as the blessed angels turn
the pages of our years
God grant they read the good with smiles
And blot the ill with tears.."
wonderful post

അരുണ്‍ കായംകുളം said...

ദീപാവലി അടിച്ച് പൊളിച്ചോ??

Readers Dais said...

@ Dear anu,
Thought of unprivileged & needful is to be in ones mind always and I believe that leads to have a peace of mind,and I know you too are one among them,thanks for your heartfelt wishes…

@ Dear Pramoda,
No surprises,the innocent smile in a childs face is definitely the best we can have to celeberate,& u know the unprivileged never even think about what they actually are missing…

@ Dear Siva,
Wishing u a happy life ahead, & thanks for your visit

@ Dear Purple Heart,
Very truly said, when the world is immersed in colourful lights of happiness,lets give some thought & if possible some actions too for such children.

@ Dear Anya,
Yes friend, thanks for your wishes …

@ Dear Ramaniga,
Thanks for yur visit

@ Dear Joe,
That was a nice quote, thanks for ur comment, & sharing it here, that was valuable.

@ Dear Arun,
Yes dear, enjoyed the day as I do always…hope you too have a nice time there, happy blogging

Sorcerer said...

good work and great dedication...
your post is very touching I say!!

Ji said...

Happy Belated Easter,
have fun!

A said...


Jingle said...

some May awards,
Happy Sunday!